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Service and Maintenance

27/01/2024 by admin

We are currently based in the city of Sozopol, where the office, service and our yachts are located at Marina Port Sozopol. There, the Liman Yachting team will provide you with full assistance at every stage of drawing up the purchase/sale contract, marine insurance, as well as the registration of the boat with the Bulgarian Maritime Administration and the annual service, as well as ongoing repairs during operation.

We have a team of professionals ready 24 hours a day to provide you with full assistance in case of any questions that may arise. We value each client’s time, so our package of services includes everything that can be foreseen and we are flexible enough to respond to unforeseen challenges, our ultimate goal is for the client to feel the spirit of the yacht and the true feeling of freedom that the sea gives…

We are a young company, but in our team there are captains and mechanics with over 30 years of practice and experience. Laying of antifouling Grazing of sides and decks. Polishing of screws, feathers and castings. Repairs and repairs on hull and keel. Centering of the vallinia, replacement of oil seals and carriage, repairs of couplings. Repairs to Z columns. Service and repairs of engines. Complete equipment of yachts – construction of electrical systems – solar and wind generators – fire-fighting equipment and construction of bulk extinguishing systems. – navigational equipment. – rescue equipment Delivery of boats and yachts (deliveries) by land and water. Insurance of vessels and passengers. Mediation in purchase/sale, registration of vessels and annual inspections before IAMA.



  • Professional advice when buying yacht or equipment
  • High quality technical guarantee or warranty support
  • Financing assistance
  • Registration assistance
  • Motor & sailing yachts insurance
  • Motor & sailing yacht charters with reliable and skilled crew